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give water New Year's Eve

This campaign ends 1 minute before 2012

Help Noo raise $20,000 by midnight, New Year's Eve to fund a drilling rig and give access to clean water to 40,000 people per year in Northern Ethiopia. Make a donation to this campaign in support of charity: water and see how your donation contributes to our digital party below.

$20 gives 1 person access to clean water. $100 gives water to a family. Let's help a community. Your donation made directly to the organization at goes 100% to fund water projects in developing countries and is fully trackable with GPS. Read Noo's press release here.

The Digital Party

Some people run for causes, others start bake sales. We're creating a party below. Our campaign's progress is shown through this animated New Year's celebration. Every $1,000 raised towards our $20,000 goal will add 1 of 20 pieces in The Build Up of the FS 250 truck. This Digital Party depends on you and the donations we can gather together. Join us by donating now directly to Big or small, every cent counts. And invite ALL your friends to the party too!

The Real Party

You didn't think we were just throwing an animated Digital Party did you? New York meets Paris in the 1920's at 3LD Art & Technology Center. Join us where we'll be continuing the journey with Love That Fever and start the new year with 5 DJs, dance, interactive art installations and energy you won't find anywhere else in New York.

  • Why New Year's? Why water?

    We believe New Year's shouldn't just be a celebration of a new calendar year and the reason we wake up with a massive hangover. It should be a time when we celebrate the meaningful changes in our lives. Changes that we create together.

    Noo was created with the purpose of celebrating new beginnings with creativity and exploring where culture celebrates. Along the way we discovered many places where culture DOESN'T celebrate. Not because it doesn't want to, but because it simply can't.

    We decided this year we would help and celebrate new beginnings in OTHER people's lives with something we take for granted - water.

    Why water? Because it changes everything.

  • Follow The Campaign - #noo2012

  • What will my money do?

    Your donation will help fund
    A Drilling Rig
    charity: water has funded over 4,000 water projects that will serve 2 million people around the world. Now, they need to go faster. Your donations will fund a drilling rig fleet, allowing them to scale their impact and help more people in northern Ethiopia.

    100% of every dollar donated funds the drilling rig.

    charity: water will track it with GPS so you can follow it for years to come.

Campaign Partners

This campaign would not have been possible without the contributions of these people and organizations ...

  • is providing ticketing services for our real NYE event and waived the fees for us to put the money to the cause

    Work with Them
  • Love That Fever

    New friends! Love That Fever is local event production company in NYC helping us raise funds through their incredible NYE event.

    Experience Them
  • Philipp + Konstantin Datz

    Two brothers in Germany created the 3D drlling rig and outlines we needed. A huge time saving contribution to the animation.

    See their work
  • Barone Press

    The team at Barone have always come through for us and are helping us spread the word with donated campaign print jobs.

    Use them

Event Sponsors

This year we asked New Year's event organizers and venues to support this cause. Events below have made a donation ...

What's noo?

Noo is an itsy bitsy creative startup in New York founded by Mahdad Taheri and the team at TVI. We're not funded and pretty much don't make any money yet, so unfortunately we can't quite do one of those "we'll match your donation" kinda things. But you can learn more about Noo here and meet the TVI team here.